Office Management - Including- Systems Review- Staff Management- Process Development- Policies & Procedures
Office Management


- Systems Review

- Staff Management

- Process Development

- Policies & Procedures

Communications - Including- Newsletters / Pānui- Website Updates- Correspondence In / Out- Mass Mailouts


- Newsletters / Pānui

- Website Updates

- Correspondence In / Out

- Mass Mailouts

Shareholder Database - Including- Design / Implementation- Management / Maintenance- Dividend Distributions- Shareholder Communications
Shareholder Database


- Design / Implementation

- Management / Maintenance

- Dividend Distributions

- Shareholder Communications

Fee Structure

Payment Options

This allows businesses on a budget to purchase packets of hours to use as required. The Prepaid business service options are as below;

  • 7 Hours – $378 + GST | Valid for 3 months from date of purchase
  • 14 Hours – $742 + GST | Valid for 3 months from date of purchase
  • 21 Hours – $1,092 + GST | Valid for 3 months from date of purchase
  • 35 Hours – $1,785 + GST | Valid for 6 months from date of purchase
  • 150 Hours – $7,500 + GST | Valid for 12 months from date of purchase

Hourly Rate
Alternatively we charge $55 + GST an hour for all services listed above. 
How regularly we invoice is up to each of our clients, payment is generally due within 10 days, but we also accommodate our clients' payment cycles.

Other Options
It may be that a daily rate or a flat fee is more suitable for your business.  
We're more than happy to explore what that might look like.

The above business services rates do not include disbursements (such as printing, stationery, courier fees etc) incurred on behalf of the client.

In the event your amount becomes overdue you may be liable for additional costs incurred.

Looking for something not listed here?

It's likely we're able to help, touch base for a free no obligation quote today!


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